Today I took my eldest son to see the school he will hopefully be going to next year.  I cannot believe that he will start school in 10 months time, I’m not sure we’re both ready but hey ho, I’m not into the home school route so school it is! I’m glad to say the school was lovely and I’m pleased we moved house to be in catchment, the stress of moving a week before Christmas has paid off!  I felt a bit emotional looking at all the big kids and imagining Toby being there with them next year in his little green jumper.  The school has a butterfly theme as children are a bit like butterflies, all developing, all different and all special; this means the walls have butterfly pictures everywhere as you move around the corridors, in the library and classrooms, the head teacher even had them on her top! Butterflies are also the sign of resurrection and are often used to represent those no longer with us.  I felt at home there today surrounded by pretty butterflies and thought of Rory fluttering around somewhere enjoying the breeze and watching over his little family.


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