Friday 13th

I admit it, I’m a bit superstitious. I don’t walk under ladders, I don’t put new shoes on the table, I get a bit jumpy around magpies. I used to be on slight high alert when Friday 13th came around, just in case.

We started the induction process on 12 March which meant it was highly likely Rory would be born on Friday 13 March, and he was. I remember saying to Matt the day before, well, that’s not going to end well, and it would be Friday 13th, wouldn’t it? I also realised though that one of my brothers is born on the 13th and he is one of the luckiest people I know.

So 8 months ago today our precious baby was born and died on Friday 13th. Whilst I am really struggling at the moment I truly love how I have been changed by Rory and I love his birthday as it was the start of a new me. The new me may not be what I wanted or who I was expecting to be but I am trying to make the best of things. I am stronger, more resilient and I don’t suffer fools gladly these days. Someone today commented that I have changed (in a good way) and this is reflected in how I deal with things at work so perhaps I have Rory to thank for that too.

I wore my smart grey dress at work today as a silent act of remembering  Rory. A couple of people said how nice it was, I smiled and thanked them. They didn’t need to know it was the dress I chose for Rory’s cremation but it made me happy that they liked it.

Friday 13th will always have a special place in my heart and it’s not really that bad.


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