I am so grateful for my friends this week (and it is only Wednesday!). Monday evening and most of Tuesday were quite frankly rubbish, I felt a bit alone and unloved but my friends were there to support and remind me that I’m actually quite nice and I am coping with life in the best way that I can.

Today I received a text from a friend who I haven’t seen for a while to say that she had ordered some special books about the loss of a brother for Toby and that she was following my lead by putting a star in her Christmas card to us. I have been a somewhat absent friend at times this year yet my friends don’t mind, they are still there with support, kind words and amazing gestures. 

Another special friend gave us a card to remember Rory at Christmas and put his name in our Christmas card. I was completely overwhelmed by those two small acts and so thankful to have a friend like that.

I choose my friends carefully, I may not have many close friends but the ones I have are there because I love them and they ‘get’ me. The run up to Christmas this year is an odd mix of excitement and sadness with a dash of what could have been. This is not the Christmas I was expecting for us in more ways than one and knowing that my beautiful friends are there in the background waiting to catch me when I am falling makes life a little easier.  

I also have a group of friends on a local babyloss group, most of whom I’ve never met.  Each and everyone on of those ladies has been through the unimaginable and the amount of support and guidance they have given me is enormous. With them I am normal, they are my safe place to offload, moan, ask questions and get support.

Friends come in all shapes and forms and I am grateful for each and every one; they are like an extended family I have added to over the years. One day I hope I can help any of my friends if they are ever in a time of need.


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