2015 in to 2016

I’m here, I’m in 2016. It came quickly and quietly and with laughter, not at all how we’d planned all those months ago, but it is here nonetheless.

Christmas Day was kind and gentle but so sad as we should have been a four rather than a trio. Presents were exchanged and hugs given. We released balloons for Rory, a complete surprise which I was grateful for as late on Christmas Eve I realised we didn’t have any balloons for my baby boy.   Toby had lots of fun with his cousins who adore him. I was so proud of my family that day, proud to say they were all mine!

The evening was quiet, too quiet but we had made it through the day somehow and it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Christmas is a time for gratitude and I was grateful for my supportive family.

New Year’s Eve was spent with friends and proved to be fun. I discovered some new and highly inappropriate words and we saw 2016 arrive with laughter and friendship. I was grateful for the support of friends that evening, they got us out of the house and made a scary evening into a good one.

How do I feel in 2016? A bit frightened of milestones approaching, forever wondering what could have been, reaching out to family for their love and support but also hopeful that this year will be better, kinder, gentler than 2015.



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