Motherhood Challenge

There is a thing going around on Facebook where mums are nominated to share pictures that show how happy and proud they are to be a mother.

Everyone’s posts are different and lovely. I was nominated last night  (see picture of my post) and was proud to show pictures of both my boys and explain how I love them.

The photo challenge got me thinking as not everyone can celebrate motherhood, some have a baby but not in their arms and others long for a baby which hasn’t arrived. 

I fall into all three camps, we tired long and hard to have Toby, 5 years and a shed load of cash later he arrived and it was a culture shock (it still is!) but I try my best to be a good mummy and I am so very proud of him. Then there is Rory, our baby who couldn’t stay, the little boy who has made me the mummy I am today.

My Facebook post wasn’t just for me and my boys, it was for the mums who can no longer hold their baby and the mums in waiting.

Motherhood is complicated, full of stress, love, worry, fun, guilt and pride. I wouldn’t change my journey for the world. 



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