Sharing Rory’s Story

A couple of months ago a wrote Rory’s story for our local NCT branch magazine. I wanted to do it for a few reasons; Toby’s birth story (written by Matt) had featured in a Father’s Day edition and I sort of needed to have the same for Rory. I also wanted to raise awareness of the risks of pre-eclampsia and the devastating impact it can have. Lastly, I wrote it to show that my precious boy lived and I am so proud to talk about him. The pictures below show the little article that I wrote.



2 thoughts on “Sharing Rory’s Story

  1. That is beautiful
    I’m reading through your blog in reverse order so sorry if its a bit like I’m creeping. I find a lot of what you say incredibly healing. You and your blog have helped me after loosing my baby in October and I am so greatful for connecting with you and your blog


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