Day three of #MayWeAllHeal, today’s prompt is Responsibily. Since Rory died it has fallen to us to keep his name alive and tell the world that he was ours, he lived and he is loved every single day. Parenting a child no longer here is a big responsibility and not one I would wish on anyone, however I like my responsibily. I love saying his name over and over again as it keeps Rory’s memory alive. I also have a responsibility to our living son, to keep life normal and happy whilst still talking about Rory, sometimes it is hard work but it is getting easier as Toby gets older and understands more. Finally, I have a responsibility to a spread the word about pre-eclampsia, I’m on a few parenting pages and if people mention symptoms that could be PE, I’m on it telling them to seek medical advice, I do not wish for anyone to be facing what I was last year.


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