New Normal

Day 7 of #mayweallheal, New Normal. Life ‘after Rory’ isn’t normal but there is a new normal which we have found and I am (mostly) happy here. For a long time I couldn’t imagine laughing again, holding a conversation, not crying when I talked about Rory but a year and a bit on and I can do all of those things without feeling guilty for life carrying on. Life is still divided into before and after, normal and new normal and there are still times when I am sadder than ever but I’m adjusting to my new normal. Today the three of us went to Beaulieu Motor Museum, a lovely day was had in the sunshine and it was great to enjoy family time, Rory was there in our hearts as always.

Toby took this picture of me today at the museum, not my best angle but I love it! 💙


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