Day 12 (on time today) of #mayweallheal, Beauty.

Since becoming a mum, and then becoming an angel mum I have learned that beauty is all around us and in unlikely places. When you see the world through a child’s eyes it is beautiful and wonderous, Toby has a good eye for rainbows and rainbow patterns which is fitting as he is our rainbow after 5 cloud filled years of trying for a baby. 

When Rory died I couldn’t see any colour or any beauty but slowly I began to appreciate life and life out of the fast lane of life gave me time to stop and look at the beauty of the world. 

The world is beautiful (the picture is from one of my favourite beautiful places) and of course both of my boys are beautiful too!


One thought on “Beauty

  1. I think in times of deepest grief it’s so easy to miss the signs in the beauty surrounding us. On my better days I can definitely connect with my son through all that’s good – clear blue skies, singing birds, etc. Lovely picture too x


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