I’m a day late with this one, oops! Day 11 of #mayweallheal, Keepsake.

We have lots of Rory related keepsakes, I’ve pretty much saved everything related to him, stuff that means something to me and reminds me of him or special days, things I’ve been given. We have so much stuff I had to buy a bigger box as our 4Louis memory box was full to bursting.

My most treasured keepsake is Rory’s green had that he appeared with after the doctor had looked at him following delivery. I must confess I bloody hated the bright green hairy wool hat but as it is in all of his photos and he wore it until he was dressed in his cremation outfit, the hat became a symbol of Rory and I absolutely love it. 

Here is a picture of my beautiful baby boy in his hideous (but loved) hat.


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