Day 15 of #mayweallheal, Insights.

If im honest I’m struggling with today’s word as the word conjures up two very different interpretations, I can’t choose so I’ll do both.

1. Insights – I’m a bit socially awkward and sometimes have no idea what to say, particularly when faced with someone upset. Since Rory left us I have a better insight into how people want to be treated if they are upset. I sort of know what to say and do now and can better judge situations. I also feel I can emphasise with those who had suffered a bereavement as before I simply couldn’t as I’d never lost anyone in my family since I was a child. So Rory has given me a better insight into grief, upset and trauma and I am better prepared to help others. 

2. Insights – since Rory died I have had major and actually quite shocking insights at how people react to our situation and how little they value my feelings or position. I don’t need those people in my life and I’m thankful that they have been flagged up now rather than when I may need to call on them for help. 


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