It’s all about you…

It wasn’t all about brexit on Friday 24 June (don’t get me started on that!). On Friday evening we held Matt’s 40th birthday party as planned. We debated about cancelling it when we knew the pregnancy wasn’t going well and again when we were told Henry was probably going to die but we decided to carry on as some fun was needed in our lives and everyone else’s.

Tonight it wasn’t about me, or Toby or Rory or Henry it was all about Matt!  

Mr P bloody deserved his party not just because of the last week but because he is my rock, my world and my light. I’m not easy to live with at times and that man has the patience of a saint. He is kind, caring, funny, silly, great at numbers and an amazing daddy to Toby, Rory and Henry. He is my calm and I am his crazy. 

I didn’t have a great day on Thursday but just being near him balanced me. That evening it hit me how much I need my husband and how much I take him for granted.I don’t say thank you to enough so here it is; thank you Matt for being you, for looking after me and our boys – we love you to 100 plus infinity.


One thought on “It’s all about you…

  1. Happy Birthday Matt, great patry getting everyone together, your are such a strong couple and family, we love all the Picketts!x


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