Graduation Day

Our beautiful biggest boy graduated from pre-school today. In reality Toby is staying on for another 2 months as he doesn’t start school until September but today we celebrated and shared the joy of our 4 year olds growing up and moving onto their next big adventure. 

The day was sunny and bright and I was so excited for Toby to be with his friends in a place he loves (not that he’d admit that he loves pre-school!). At one point a little girl toddled by and my heart pulled for Rory. It is the year anniversary of Rory’s due date tomorrow and we don’t have a little one toddling about, I’m not buying cards and presents and it hurts so very much. Nor did I have a 26 week old bump at the party, there was no one asking if we’d decorated the nursery yet or if Toby was excited. 

I stood there soaking in the joy of the children collecting their certificates as I know we won’t be attending any more parties like this, it is a milestone not to be repeated for us. I am so very sad for the missed milestones but at the same time I am so very grateful that we even get to do this in the first place. Toby didn’t come easily for us and there was a time I never thought a baby would come into our lives. This may be the first and last pre-school graduation for us but it is special and magical that it happened and I am thankful. Thankful for Toby, thankful for the milestones and thankful for Rory and Henry as their absence makes me appreciate the milestones that little bit more.


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