The Chair

We bought this glider chair when I was pregnant with Toby, it sat proudly in his nursery and served us well for feeding, resting, chilling and sleeping (the recline function was awesome!). 

When we moved house it ended up in our bedroom as we didn’t really use it for Toby any more and we expected to use it for another baby at some point.

The other evening I sat on the bed and it felt like the chair was taunting me as there hasn’t been another baby to rock, feed and love in that chair and I hated what it now represented. I told Matt it had to go to the spare room so I didn’t have to look at it.

The next morning I decided it was going and it was going now. I cleared a space in what should have been the nursery and told Toby we were moving it. We had one last cuddle sat in the chair and I was sad that it was the end of an era. 

As I set off pushing the chair to its new home Toby asked if he could have it in his room. He’s in a smallish bedroom but with a bit of juggling I made space. The chair was pretty grim so I gave it a good wipe over and threw the covers in the wash.

Last night I put everything back on and we did bedtime stories sat in the chair, it was really lovely to re-purpose the chair and I’m glad now Toby asked to keep it. Whilst the chair won’t be used for feeding a baby it will still be used for bedtime snuggles with my boy and hopefully in time I can think of the happy memories it holds rather than wonder about the memories we didn’t get to make.


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