One month on

This time last month we were preparing to say hello and goodbye to Henry. A lot has happened and it feels longer ago than it is, so much so that I barely recall being pregnant at all. That is probably due to me a only admitting I was pregnant as we approached 20 weeks and then by the time is accepted it, it was all over.

Henry’s cremation was two weeks ago, it was so much harder than Rory’s, it felt so final as not only were we saying goodbye to our smallest son we were saying goodbye to a long and painful chapter of our lives.

Rory’s due date anniversary was a couple of Sundays ago, Matt and I had a rare afternoon alone to remember our baby boy and relax, a beautiful afternoon was achieved.

Life has been returning to normal with trips to work, going back to groups and taking the holiday we’d planned to be our last as a three.

I’m still sad, that’s going to be the way for a while but things are moving forward and feeling normal for us. We won’t ever be a normal family as we are a five but you can only see three, this is something I am slowly coming to terms with.

Thinking of both my boys in the stars today, especially the smallest one.


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