Trying to change

Don’t be misled by the title, I’m not intending on changing too much but what I am trying to do is to get a bit fitter. After I had Henry I realised how unfit I’d become when I was pregnant, a simple thing like walking left me out of puff. I’ve been trying to get up and out a bit more with either the couch to 5k plan, my Pilates DVD, or just going for a walk. I feel better after I’ve been active and it’s a great chance to clear my head and think about my boys. 

My exercise of choice used to be Pilates, I switched to antenatal classes when pregnant with Rory bit after he died I couldn’t go back, I still don’t know why but I just can’t do it. Lucky my teacher made a DVD that I bought to use at home so I can still get my fix.

To aid my quest to be healthier I’ve invested in a watch that tracks my activity; it tells me to stand up if I’ve been sat down too long -you know what, it actually works too! Last night I’d missed out on my 10000 steps so I ran around the house, up and down the stairs and generally acted like a loon for 15 minutes to meet my daily goals. It felt such an achievement and tonight rather than running about until I’d done the 4000 steps I needed, I went for a 2 mile walk.

I realise this seems like small fry to some, but anyone who knows me will understand that this is an achievement for my 36 year old unfit wobbly body and slightly wonky legs! 

I’m hoping my new found enjoyment of getting off the sofa can extend to something pretty special later in the year – watch this space… 


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