Remember My Baby

Yesterday we were sent a memory stick of photos taken by a lovely volunteer from Remember My Baby.  The photos were taken the afternoon after Henry was born, I wasn’t sure what to make of the process, I felt a bit odd posing with my dead baby but I am so very glad that we had the photos taken – they are beautiful.

It was with trepidation we opened the files, I wasn’t sure if he would look as beautiful as we remember, would the photos look awkward, would they make us sad? Yes, they’ve made me sad, and they’ve made me long for my baby bump to still be here but I am so happy that we had the opportunity to share Henry with the photographer and to share some of the pictures with our friends and family.

I realised this evening that Henry was our first baby to have a professional newborn photoshoot; we never quite got round to having one for Toby and the service wasn’t available when Rory died. This will of course be our last baby photoshoot too, but what a way to finish with beautiful, precious photos!

If anyone would like to volunteer as a photographer you can get in touch via the Remember My Baby Facebook page and I’ve included a link to the Remember My Baby website.

Naomi_Pickett_Henry_Pickett_ 10


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