The song in my heart

I love music, I have wide and varied tastes from Steps to Marilyn Manson and most stuff in between (not country music and not The Smiths though!). I have always been a listen to the words person whereas Matt is a listen to the music kinda guy. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve said ‘listen to the words’ to the most random songs and found meaning in the lyrics whilst Matt is saying how great a guitar solos is!

Recently I’ve been listening to a song a lot in my car. It is the most cheesiest song and it’s from a Disney movie but the words are so moving for me at the moment.

I have had to put myself in difficult situations recently in order to be the good girl I’m supposed to be and they have shaken me to the core. However I’ve realised its time to look after me and not try to please people as it just knocks me down time and time again.

Here’s the song, Kerry Ellis sings this version – enjoy!

Let it Go


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