It is the night before October arrives… I’ve been twitchy all week, at first I put it down to knuckling down to the school run, being busy at work and PMT raging but then as this week plodded on I realised October starts on Saturday. October means three things for me (in no particular order): the month we had our IVF for Rory and found that we were pregnant in 2014, the month I had a different type of trauma (for me) happen last year and of course Henry’s due date is 15 October this year. October is also a month of awareness around baby loss with a wave of light event happening on 15 October – the jam jar candle holders I decorated have all nearly been delivered!

Last year I followed a word prompt for the whole of October and my posts prompted me to start this blog; I’m doing it again this year (see picture below!). 

To focus my mind I’m also undertaking a challenge to raise money for the books we are gifting to bereaved families. I’m going to walk 10,000 steps a day with no carrying forward etc. Looking at my daily steps count in achieving anything from 4,800 to 12,200 steps a day – essentially on the days I work a longer day and don’t do the school run I’ll have a lot of steps to make up! 

I’m feeling a bit meh, but also a bit excited about what October has in store for us. Bring it on October, I’m ready! 



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