Day 10 Symbols + Signs #captureyourgrief

Day 10 Symbols and Signs

Some days I feel nothing, my boys aren’t here with me and they didn’t really exist – to be fair those days are rare; they happen when I’m at my darkest lowest point when nothing seems to matter any more. 

In truth my boys are all around me in everything I do and little things remind me of them – white feathers on the ground, robins popping up to say hello and butterflies flapping past busy with their day. There are other things, the wind blowing so hard and cold it gets to my bones, the sun warning my back and the rain pounding down like giant cold tears from above. The colour green reminds me of Rory (that hideous hat he wore!) and yellow ducks are for Henry as they were on the little gown he wore. I see little pretty green things and ducks all over the place and I smile, I remember.

My boys will always be with me and the random symbols and signs are there too just to give me a nudge to remember and reflect.


2 thoughts on “Day 10 Symbols + Signs #captureyourgrief

  1. For me, Baby Matthew ‘s signs are butterflies and dragonflies. The former I see lots, so it’s extra special and I feel even closer to him when I glimpse the shimmer of dragonfly wings over the water. I hope the signs continue to fill you with peace and love, even when times feel helpless. X


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