Day 11 Creative Heartwork #captureyourgrief

Day 11, Creative Heartwork

I’ve always dabbled in a bit of craft, I can’t draw but I can stick things on a card and use a glue gun! When Rory died I went out and bought a little sewing machine. I’d always fancied sewing but never had the time or inclination; suddenly I had lots of time to fill and sewing was a good outlet. I’m still a bit wobbly but the satisfaction of making something pretty and/or useful is brilliant! I’ve made everything from bunting (easy) to a teepee (not so easy!). 

For Rory and Henry’s cremations I put my card making skills to use and made their orders of service. They were beautiful and that bit more special for being made by their mummy.

For the annual wave of light on 15 October I’ve made jam jar candle holders for friends and family. These were lovely to make and I got very skilled at the art of using a glue gun. Giving them out was my way of spreading the love!

Recently I’ve made some scrabble letter frames which are fun and satisfy my passion for neatness and straight lines 🙂

Why am I listing some random crafty makes? Not to boast that’s for sure. If the boys had lived I would not have had time to do any of the sewing, card making, sticking and cutting. But because of the boys I have found time for craft and discovered that it helps me to heal and to switch off from the world. Whilst I’m crafting I think of Rory and Henry and the love I have for them and I hope that the love in my heart translates into my finished pieces. 

Craft is therapy as well as being good fun!  


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