Day 16 Full Moon Retreat #captureyourgrief #whathealsyou

Day 16 and I couldn’t find the moon this evening! Yesterday however it was shining bright and low which added another dimension to the #waveoflight last night.

Yesterday I didn’t want to go out walking for my 10,000 steps challenge, I wanted to snuggle up and hide as it was Henry’s due date and rather than being with us he wasn’t. I went out with the hot tears still flowing down my cold cheeks and then I saw the moon, it was beautiful and it did help me carry on that little bit more. 

The picture is awful but you can still see the brightness I hope.

The moon is a funny thing, always around but you don’t notice it until you need it – a bit like my lovely friends and family who are there in the background waiting to pick me up when I am falling.

Thank you moon and thank you my lonely friends and family! 


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