Day 28 Self Compassion #captureyourgrief

Day 28 Self Compassion

This is a toughie. I am compassionate to others but not to myself. I have no confidence in my abilities, I constantly think I’m a rubbish mum, crap wife and even worse friend. I was like this before my losses but Rory and Henry magnified these thoughts.

I try to be strong and plough on through life and it is rare for me to feel comfortable being kind to myself or taking a break just for me.

In the summer a few events showed me that I needed to look out for myself and that it was ok to do that. I still feel the need to explain and justify why I’m missing something or ducking out of a play date but I am trying to look after and love myself. For me, for Matt, for Toby, for Rory and for Henry.



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