Day 30 My Promise To You #captureyourgrief

Day 30 – My Promise To You

This is a day late as yesterday evening was spent in A&E with Toby as he had a bump on the head – all was fine!

To Rory and Henry. I promise that I will never forget you. I promise that as long as I’m living I will talk about you, include you in my life and ensure that your memory lives on even though you are gone.

Our home is filled with your names, pictures and our love for you, I promise that will never end.

I can see my promise in action every day – through Toby saying your names, from feedback about our books, by people commenting about my print necklace. Other babies may come but they will never ever replace you and they will never be as special and precious as you both. 

So much good is coming out of your short lives and I promise to help others, to try to make their pain slightly easier to carry all in your names.

Rory and Henry, I promise to love you forever.


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