Difficult Questions

A bit of a ‘normal mum’ post today. Bedtime is usually when the random questions from Toby commence and this evening was no exception! 

First question – where does everything come from? My reply was mainly what do you mean. I managed to get out of the questioning four year old that he meant where does everything in the house come from. ‘From factories’ was not a satisfactory answer and I was then asked ‘where does cardboard come from?’ Aha I can answer this one I thought! Cardboard comes from trees. They make trees into paper in a factory and then make the paper in to cardboard and then it gets taken to the toy factory. He was happy with that answer and I thought I was done.

Until… Mummy, where is the island of Sodor? Now, we’ve had this question before and I’ve gently tried saying that it’s not a real place but Toby is still convinced there is really an island full of steam engines with faces. This evening, after him refusing to accept that Sodor wasn’t anywhere I said it was possibly near Wales. He’s been to Wales so was happy with that. Then he asked when were we going to be seeing Gordon with a real face? My head said ‘fuck knows’, my mouth said ‘maybe one day’. I may need to write to the nice people at Day Out With Thomas to enquire as to when Gordon will be joining the other engines with faces… 


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