The Leaf

I saw this leaf on the way to school this morning and thought it was beautiful so I had to stop to take a picture. It was so pretty all on its own covered in water droplets but at any moment someone could come along and tread on it, scattering the droplets and changing the leaf completely, irreversibly.

Some of my angel mummy friends (including me) have been struggling this past couple of weeks, some of us know why, others don’t but of course it all comes down to the fact that our babies died and they are never coming back. That’s why we’re sad and no matter what we do we can’t bring them back, never ever.

We don’t need a reason to be sad and we don’t need a reason to talk about our babies what we do need is love and compassion and we find that unconditionally in each other. We’ve been through it, we get it and we don’t have to explain a thing. 

We’re all a bit like the leaf – vulnerable, fragile, covered in tears, trying not to get trampled all over. The reality was though that there were loads of leaves like this one today, more than we could count in the end. 

All of us are waiting for that moment to be trodden on. I’m so grateful yet so sad that I know them. Thank you ladies for your love and guidance, each and every one of you!


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