I bloody love Busted, I have done since 2002, I’m not ashamed of my love of cheesetastic pop and Busted are pure cheese (even if they like to think they are a bit cooler and more grown up these days).

We saw Busted in Portsmouth tonight which was the first place we saw them live 15 or so years ago, there were definitely more mobile phones tonight and fewer 12 year olds!

Anyway, it got me thinking that Busted have punctuated some big life events (honestly, I kid you not!). Matt had to move his stag do in 2004 as we (I) had tickets to see them at Wembley, they even got a mention in the best man’s speech!

More recently in 2015 we saw them a month after Rory died, exactly a month I think. I remember sitting in the balcony thinking that I’d bought the McBusted tickets thinking that I’d be pregnant so best to be sat down. I really didn’t want to be there but we forced ourselves to have an evening of normal.

Fast forward to 2016 and this time I was seeing Busted (they’d lost McFly by then) and when I booked the tickets I thought ‘fuck it’ I won’t be pregnant so I’ll get standing tickets. I was wrong, Henry was in my tummy and we were just days away from finding out he was so very poorly.

So, hello Busted tonight in 2017, you were brilliant and although it’s exactly a month until Rory’s anniversary and I’m getting twitchy, for the first time in two years I watched you without a pregnancy milestone in my head. What a relief. 

Thank you Busted for the cheesy pop, thank you for the bouncing, thank you for being there for some big milestones and thank you to Matt for coming along!


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