Taking Action

I’m not usually the sort of person to take on a cause, I’m happy to leave it to other people to fight for something important whilst I donate money or sign a petition. But, it is time for me to do something about the lack of positive stories and celebration of lives like mine with no ‘happy ending baby’. Moaning about it won’t change anything (at 36 I’ve only just realised this!).

I’ve decided as there are few resources or inspirational stories offered by the mainstream support groups in the U.K. for mums like me who will never have a ‘happy ending baby’ that I’m going to change this, together we will change this. 

If you would like me to feature your story of living with hope after loss please email me at naomipickett@icloud.com. I’d love to share how you are living life after loss, what your (non-baby related) hopes for the future are, what tips and suggestions you have for living and coping without a ‘happy ending baby’.

I will do this for you, for us and for every other parent with no happy ending baby.

I’m hopeful with the help of some other loss parents we can collate the stories into something special – I don’t know what exactly it will be at the moment – a book? a website? a social media forum? Suggestions welcome!


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