Inspirational Stories

I’ve talked a lot about needing to read stories of hope and thought I’d share some links to some blogs and videos which I have loved this week.

All are amazing, heartfelt, inspirational and give some insight into what it’s like to live a life around loss and they give me hope. Hope that I can live a fulfilled life even without my happy ending. 

The first is by Emily Long, like me she has lost two babies, her words a special and I really needed to read them this week. Emily Long – Still Standing Magazine

The second is a video a dad called Chris, it doesn’t need an introduction, please just watch it! Henry’s Story (Our Angels)

The third is another video from a loss dad called David, it is special and the ending will get you (sorry not sorry for sharing!). Grace’s Story (Our Angels)

The final link popped up today. It’s been a tough week for lots of reasons and I needed to read this post at that particular moment today. It is from Leigh at Headspace Perspective, it is simply lovely. Headspace Perspective

I hope these links give hope to you too. Much love 💙


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