Tiny Prints

I was properly adulting today as I helped out on mine and Toby’s first ever school trip. It was a fun sunny day spent outdoors with some lovely children.

As our groups lined up after a toilet stop a few of them commented on my necklace – a couple of girls said they liked it and a couple more asked what was on it. I wasn’t about to freak out a bunch of 4-6 year olds with tales of dead babies, loss and sadness so I said it was a necklace of prints of my babies, I showed them Toby’s toe print and one little girl commented that it was so big. 

They seemed happy with my explanation and didn’t probe further. Relief from me that I didn’t have to make something up or  explain why I’d said babies rather than baby. In that moment though I was happy that a few kids liked my necklace and proud that I had included Rory and Henry in the day in a round about way.

I love the gardens that we visited today and I went there a few times when Rory and Henry were in my tummy so it’s a special place for me. It was lovely to be there in the sun making memories with Toby’s schoolmates and it was extra special to include my baby boys.


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