National Siblings Day

Apparently it is national siblings day today, our local ice cream parlour chain is giving away a voucher to celebrate. 

Days like this are something Toby can never celebrate, his siblings aren’t here and to him they are just names, photographs, teddies and balloons.

Last week at bath time Toby asked some questions about babies and I explained that I didn’t hate babies but they do make me very sad these days. 

He broke my heart by saying it was his fault that I’m sad, he explained that he’d asked for baby brothers and then they died and for that reason it’s his fault 😢

We managed to reassure him that it wasn’t his fault and we chose to have more babies not him. I essentially said it was my fault as I wanted them and I put them in my tummy. I told Toby that I already had Henry in my tummy when he asked if he could have a baby brother so it couldn’t possibly be his fault.
I forget quite how much he listens to and processes in his little five year old brain. I desperately wish I could give him a living sibling but everything is just so complicated. 

On the subject of siblings I’m proud that I have three amazing ones along with a very special cousin who is essentially my little sister. I also have some awesome friend sisters who have seen me through thick and thin. So perhaps it’s not just about siblings for support?

I hope, as an only child that Toby can surround himself with a good bunch of cousin and friend ‘siblings’ to be there for him. Essentially I just don’t want him to be lonely.


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