Whilst I love the Harry Potter books and films (I’m a Hufflepuff in case you were wondering), I really don’t like muggle magic. With the exception of The Great Suprendo I’ve never really liked magicians. At the pinnacle of the trick when most people are amazed and wowed I just sit there trying to work out how it was done. I get frustrated and annoyed as I need to know the answer. To me magic is just a trick, a sham and something I will never understand. 

I don’t believe in magic or miracles or fairies. I believe in tangible things like science, nature, and evidence and hard facts.

Science gave us Toby, science saved my life, science stopped me getting pre-eclampsia again but it didn’t save my baby boys. I have faith though that science will find answers and fewer babies will die in future. Magic will never ever do that.

Sod magic.


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