My favourite colour at the moment is navy – my wardrobe reflects this with a sea of navy. I’m trying to expand the colours I wear as whilst I love dark blue, it’s a bit dull at times. I do change my favourite colour as often as the weather – I also like pink, grey and mustard.

There are two colours close to my heart though. Green is the colour of the hat Rory was given in hospital. I took one look at him and thought ‘that hat is horrid’; you see it in all of his photos and it is part of his story. As much as I loathe that ugly little hat I love it in equal measure.

The other colour is yellow. We were lucky enough to be able to choose an outfit for Henry and we opted for one with little yellow ducks on it. Henry also had a little yellow ribbon on his hat. You can just about see the hints of yellow in this photo.

Colour also has another meaning for me. It is not often I share colour photos of my boys. I know what they look like, I know their skin is red (it is that colour as at 23 weeks the baby’s skin is so thin you can see blood through it), I know they are not conventionally pretty babies, I know not everyone feels comfortable looking at their photos. I know I can’t change opinions but by sharing monochrome photos I hope to make it easier for people to see their beauty. 

It’s ironic and slightly messed up that a photo with no colour might be more acceptable in a world full of colour.


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