I talk in terms of remembering my babies, it’s not like I can or want to forget them. I’ve found that sometimes people get confused by my phrasing, they take it literally and wonder how they can remember people they’ve never met, people that only Matt and I held and people that very few saw in the flesh. To them it is impossible to remember someone they never knew.

It took me a long time to understand this view point. At first I was angry by the shear narrow mindedness, but then I realised that it’s the interpretation of the word.

What I mean by remembering, is to think about my babies, think about us, remember that they lived and remember that they are part of our family. 

Remember them and my feelings when you make plans, tell us about your happy news, when you invite me places and I need to check who will be there, when I decline an invite, when I unfollow you on social media, when I seem like I’m making life difficult, when I don’t want to hear about your pregnancy or your new baby, when I glaze over at the mention of something that will trigger me. They are the reason I’m the way I am and please do not forget them.

This gorgeous photo of Henry’s toes was taken by Charlie who is a Remember my Baby photographer. It seemed fitting to share this photo for today’s word.

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