I should really rename this friends as I can’t single out one lovely friend for this post.

As I think about my friends old and new and how things have panned out during the last two years I realised that they fall into categories. Here they are…

1. The ones who backed off. There are some friends (only a handful mind you) that have backed off and I’ve not seen once since I lost Rory. No messgaes, no meet-ups, nothing. I’m slowly picking these people off as I don’t need them. It’s a shame as some have been friends for years and years. Their loss!

2. The ones who don’t know what to say. These people are honest, they say they don’t know what to do or say but they have kept in contact with messages and meet-ups. I get that it is hard for them and I appreciate their honesty and their love. Thank you.

3. The present friends. These are the people who I’ve been able to message and ask for a day of normal, they have listened, they have messaged, they have given hugs, they have told me they thought of the boys at random times – just because. They remember the dates and they send a message. I hope one day I can return the support you have shown me. Some of these friends are old, some are fairly new but it makes no difference; they are here I thank them for that. 

4. The most special group. My loss mama friends. They just get it, I’m sad that they walk the same path and share the pain I feel. There are conversations I can only have with these friends. I wish I didn’t know them but I love them with a passion! Thank you for being awesome.


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