I’m fragile, I’ve always been a bit fragile, but more so since March 2015. It’s expected, it is generally manageable. Some days I am strong, some days I just want to cry all day. 

What I forget is that Toby is fragile. I’ve shielded him from the news this week, I don’t want him to know that horrible stupid men blow themselves up and kill innocent people. 

I had a message from Toby’s teacher tonight saying that a classmate was talking about his new baby brother (it had to be another baby boy to avoid in the playground didn’t it?!). Toby then told some of his friends about Rory and Henry, he was apparently a bit sad afterwards but ok by the time after school club came to collect him. 

He didn’t really want to talk about it at home, Toby’s reposne to his Daddy was that he wasn’t sad or happy. 

I’m sad this evening that Toby won’t ever be able to boast about his new baby brother who came home, who lived. But I am SO proud of him having the confidence to talk about his baby brothers. He is only 5 – so young, so fragile, yet so strong, so brave and all ours.

2 thoughts on “Fragile

  1. I’m so glad Toby is is able is able to talk about his brothers… please let him know I am always there to talk to and will listen and understand xx

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